MBC Faith Promise Missions

At Merced Baptist church, we make it the mission of our church to reach as many souls as possible with the message of the gospel.  From the first year of our existence we have faithfully supported mission projects and missionaries with monthly financial support.  Here is a current list of the missionaries that we support:

  • John & Sandy Bailes- Director of Reseeding America – BIMI
  • Cabuntala Family – Missionaries to Philippines
  • Frost Family – Missionaries to New Zealand – BIMI
  • Garcia family- Missionaries to Venezuela – GIBM
  • Gardner family- Missionaries to Japan – BIMI
  • Lester family – Missionaries to Austrailia – BIMI
  • Paul & Linda Mershon- Evangelism
  • Owens family – Missionaries to the Republic of Georgia
  • Passaro family – Missionaries to Military- BIMI
  • Perez family- Missionaries to Spain
  • Portillo Family – Missionaries to Nicaragua – BIMI
  • Pyle family- Missionaries to South Africa
  • Rasnake family- Church planting in California – MWBM
  • Root family- Church planting in Oregon

We also support two mission agencies

  • CLA- Christian Law Association
  • MWBM- Macedonia World Baptist Missions